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About Me

Well Hi There!

I am Khris Bharath. A Web Content Specialist Writer/Editor focusing in the Automotive Niche. I am a qualified Mechanical Engineer and a staunch gear-head/petrol-head.

The one thing that almost every Gearhead/Petrolhead have in common is PASSION for the Automobile. It is that expertise and passion along with a draw for data analytics that got me into Content writing.

I grew up watching shows like Top Gear, Wheeler Dealers, Overhaulin to name a few and I'm a big time F1 afficiando.

As a writer, I get a chance to showcase my vast knowledge on cars. I have a comprehensive understanding of the automobile demographic with everything from the History of cars, Motorsports to Auto Shows & annual events on the Motoring calendar like Goodwood and Le Mans.


Being an engineer, I also possess technical proficiency in how cars function and have a strong insight on the industry. 

As a competent freelance content specialist/writer, I run my blog:, where  I write about Electric Cars and I also happen to contribute to a few high-traffic websites, one of which gets over 5 million visitors a month.


So if Automotive / Motoring content is what you're after, youre in the right place. I specialize in creating web/blog content for clients in the automotive and motoring industries. I am the guy people call when they need advice on cars.

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